Our Belief


The Heart of Learning

We are a firm believer that attitude isn’t everything, but it is one thing that can make a difference. Truthfully, no attitude is strong enough to compensate for lack of skill. Therefore, our passion lies in helping people discover both their “Skill and Will” (in order words “Talent” & “Attitude”) in order to be a “Difference Maker”.

“In life, we are all given a choice and to be motivated is also a choice…to do or not to do!” – Timothy Tan

learning@vantage brings an immense passion in learning, sharing, communicating and developing both individuals and groups in unleashing their true human potential. Using the “Skill & Will” approach i.e. experiential learning through action learning, activities, games, exercises, group dynamics, case studies and role-plays, our boundless energy challenges the participants towards the unfolding of self and group awareness. To further enhance participants’ learning, we translate learning to behaviour through powerful debriefing after each activity/exercise which is fun, exciting and purposeful with profound “moments of truth” and impactful “teachable point of views”.

We believe that “everything rises and falls on leadership” and as the world economy becomes more global, organizations have to respond differently. Therefore, the need for leadership has become obvious. Our experience and passion are among the reasons why we specialise in providing learning, coaching and consultancy in the areas of Leadership, Team Challenge and Coaching.